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Earnings in the pictures or work on writing the captcha for the money.

More information about this method of earning on the Internet, as work on writing the captcha or recognize pictures.

What is a captcha (captcha, captcha)

CAPTCHA (captcha, captcha) - a completely automated public Turing test to differentiate between computers and people. Simply put, the human test - a picture with letters and numbers that you can enter the person to prove that he is not the computer or vice versa.

Most human test used as a means of protection against spam and automatic registration at various sites. Surely you met her many times to register on websites, send comments to blogs and forums. Usually a small picture with letters and numbers that must be identified and put into a special box to prove that you're a person, not a program-bot.

Who needs the recognition of pictures and who pays money for the work on writing CAPTCHA

If captcha is a tool distinguish between real people from the various programs, scripts and bots and uses captcha, mainly as a protection against spam and auto registration, means rapoznavanie these images need the very same people who spam or perform automatic registration. In fact, sending e-mail spam, spam sites, forums and blogs, the automatic registration on the forums, directories and other sites are now a serious business on the Internet and many are willing to pay money, and good money for that advertising their goods, services , links to their websites and other spam poyavyattsya millions of mailboxes or on thousands of sites, forums and blogs. But once there is demand for such services, so will supply. Many are now sending spam for money and live, but they prefer to automate their work, but not send mail or to register manually. It was then that they have on the way and stands captcha.

Automate the captcha tried many, primarily due to the different OCR programs, like FineRaeder. And it even turned out until the picture for recognizers were simple letters and numbers. But surely you have noticed that many captcha letters and numbers are distorted so that even a person does not always recognize them may not like the program. This protection from such automated. Combat is really complicated CAPTCHA programmatically not really now and then someone had the idea of paying for people to enter the captcha code, of course, not losing this money themselves, or better still earning. These people pay to enter the CAPTCHA.

How is work on captcha and how much to pay for putting pictures

You registiruetes site, sometimes you download a program from it and start to work. Before you only captcha image for recognition and text field captcha. For each entry you will be charged kakaz some amount, typically about 0.1 cents or two cents, gaining the minimum amount, such as 0,5 $, you get the chance to bring it to your WebMoney purse, or other electronic payment systems.

It seems that everything looks nice, but let's calculate your potential income from work on writing captcha. Suppose you enter a captcha code for 5 seconds (I mean, when I tried this type of earnings, was 10 seconds). So for the moment you enter the 12 pictures, 720 per hour, per day (8 hours) 5760 captcha images you raspoznate and enter, and get a $ 5,76 (about 130 rubles or 17 rubles per hour) for it. Plus keep in mind that your speed is not likely enter the CAPTCHA is 5 seconds for one image that captcha does not appear to work constantly, sometimes going captcha one after another, and sometimes every hour to appear.


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