Liex - is a fully automated system of site promotion articles (Exchange articles)


Automatic Instant Withdrawal wmz-purse without limiting the amount of payment
The ability to place the articles manually and automatically (as with php-code, and through ftp)
Ability to insert page articles in website design for automatic and manual placement.
Average prices of articles in the system, based on the parameters of the site. Ability to assign its price. Submit an article not be difficult, the Exchange does this automatically.


Convenient selection of ad space to promote the articles with the help of more than 20 filters. Following options are available: themes, price, mirrors (glue) in Yandex and Google, the presence of Yandeks.Kataloge and DMOZ, CY, PR, indexed pages in Yandex and Google, domain age, Alexa traffic rank, backlinks in Google, the percentage of indexed on the court papers, the number of external links on the article page and many other filters to help in website promotion articles.
Automatic generation of texts of articles on pattern
(Option 1 | option 2 | option 3). Reproduction of texts - the best solution for moving articles with a limited budget.
Automatic "unikalizatsiya" text articles substitute synonyms and rearrangement of words (can be disabled).
Automatic verification of placement of each article posted to the promotion of the advertiser's site, there a few times a day (protection from dishonest webmasters).

And much more.