Setlinks - exchange buying and selling options on the main and internal stranitsah.Prostota and easy creation of advertising campaigns.
A few mouse clicks and your links are already on the sites you select. You will be able to see it.

Reliability placement
SetLinks checks accommodation purchased your options. You do not have self-check each site. For you it will make SetLinks.

Time-saving web-master
To start earning money, you only need to place the code of our system and determine the selling price options. Advertiser Links will appear automatically on your site, that is, without your participation. Also, you will automatically be charged money for the links. Our system does not allow relamodatelyam embed code options extra scripts and tags (they just can not do it technically). Therefore, placing the code SetLink on your site, you can be confident in the safety of its placement. On your site will be available only to paid links and nothing more.