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Register your site in social bookmarks.

What are bookmarks? Social bookmarking, it is - very useful, convenient and popular services, which are analogous to "Favorites" in your browser. They have become part of the lives of countless Internet users. Users of these services can save them to interesting sites in one place, and and access your bookmarks from any place where physically there is the Internet, regardless of the browser or the availability of your computer with you, such as vacation, travel, home, work, internet cafes, etc.

What will you run on social bookmarks?

- Acceleration of falling into search engines to index your site
- The index falls not only home but also internal stranitstsy Site
- Promotion of LF and MF
- On the site people come with tabs (not much but come)

Required for registration:

1. URL
2. Title **
3. Description **
4. Tags (separated by commas)

** Possible to add options: (word1 | word2 | slovo3 | slovo4 | slovo5)

Services and Cost:

1. Cost $ 0.2 - Account for 40-80 bookmarking may order up to 100 accounts (ordering example: 100 accounts x $ 0.2 = $ 20 cost of the order, eventually you will get 4000-8000 links to your site from sotszakladok )

2. Proper preparation of the names and descriptions of 5$

Payment Webmoney or by Moneybookers

Contact for orders:

icq: 757910

emai: 757910 (dog) mail (dot) ru

We constantly monitor the quality of social bookmarking in our database, ordering the run on Social bookmarks us - you get a really high quality and efficient service

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