All very easy. The entire process is fully automated:

Choose your product. Enter your e-mail and click 'Go to payments' in the bottom of the detailed description of the goods.
Automatic Payment Service will calculate the total amount of purchases, start your program WebMoney (WM Keeper), takes payment and immediately download link will give you paid lots.
Links will also be duplicated letter to your e-mail.
Also available payment options via RoboKassa. - is a commercial web-site of the new party and special. Also, we are responsible for product quality and timely delivery of goods, if payment.

When buying any product in our online service you soglaashaetes with the rules. If you do not agree with them, then give up the purchase.

Range of goods

This service is an electronic online store with instant payment and delivery of goods. Goods in the store are digital goods, ie they could not previously see, feel, test, etc. You must understand this. It sells products such as scripts, programs, useful information, passwords, PINs, etc.
Before you buy a product, carefully read its name and description. Make sure that this is the product that you need. If you have doubts about the purchase of goods, it is better to refuse to purchase or pre-contact with the seller of the goods. Remember that if you bought the wrong product for your own negligence, then the money you no returns.

Payment of goods or services

In our trading platform you can pay for goods and services using the following payment systems:
1. WebMoney (recommended) - the interface Merchant Webmoney. We accept payment in U.S. dollars (WMZ), ruble (WMR). If you pay in WMZ, then the exchange rate is taken from the exchanger + 1% of the amount.

2. RoboxChange - uses a system RoboxChange, accepted payment of the following ways: Yandex Money, SMS, E-Gold, UAH Internet.Money, MoneyMail, RuPay, e-Bullion, DeltaKey, ICQMoney, EasyPay, etc. This method is not recommended for payment, etc. k. goods, paid in this way, will not be added to the "My Purchases" and you will no longer be able to get it or leave / change the tip of the goods.
If you pay for with WebMoney, then WebMoney Keeper should be loaded. After checkout you will be redirected to a page with a link to download the product or textual information.
Warning Payment in the store is fully automated. All direct transfers to the purse store, or transfers from the patronage of the transaction is ignored. Such transfers will be returned minus the commission of 10% in favor of the store.

Delivery of goods

Internet Service E-script is a commercial site with instant delivery of goods. Immediately after payment, you get to a page delivery, where you will be given a link to download the product or given textual information. If the page data view, the goods you have entered your E-Mail, then the download link will produblirovanna letter to your address.
You can also use the "My Shopping" to get the goods (if the payment was made via WebMoney).

Variety of goods

Product in the store can be 5 types:
1. The file on the server of Internet Service E-script (type of goods: file)
2. Text information
3. The file is located on the server side (type of commodity: link)
4. File located on sharing services.
5. PIN-code

The file on the server e-shop E-script - means that the image is uploaded to the server store After purchase, you should immediately download it, because after 7 days the file is deleted from the temporary folder. The size of these files do not exceed 10 MB.
The file is located on the server side - this means that the product is uploaded to another server and link to it and a small instruction are on the server E-script. Such a product you can not buy until you click "check availability link. This action you would call a special script which will check availability link and if the link is available, then you will be able to proceed with purchase. The script checks for the existence of the page and we can not guarantee that there really is necessary for you product.
File located at RGhost - means that the image is uploaded to sharing services. Before you buy such a product, the script checks for the store file on the service and returns the file size. If the file has been deleted, you can not buy goods.

If goods are defective or have not received an email with a link to the goods

If you bought the goods, and it contains a virus, trojan, product does not work, does not match the description, then immediately (or later, within 14 days) send a message describing the problem.
In the letter, you must specify your contact information to address the issues and clearly, clearly and as fully as possible to describe the problem. After reviewing the problem, we will try to solve it, you will be returned or the money or goods of good quality Tan or an opportunity to exchange for another commodity, subject to the same value or will pay if the other goods worth dorozhe.Maksimalny term review of 5 days to 1 month (usually 2 -3 days).
If you purchase a product contains a virus or trojan, in a letter to specify the name and anti-virus, which was detected this virus or trojan