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Affiliate pay per sms:

v2.eropays - have almost all

eroprofit - erosion, Porn, entertainment, Invite to affiliate

limoncash - erosion, porn traffic

Cash4ru - in contact erosion, phones

smszilla - Invite to affiliate

8coins - have almost all

moneysyst - have all, including spies

You can also earn archives:

zippro - a unique service that allows you to earn on your files. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the user is prompted to send an SMS just after he downloaded the file. Thus the conversion of traffic increases by 5-10 times.

123cash - A unique way of earnings for any file traffic. Movies, music, warez, games, cracks, torrents and search for any files at all - all this is now turned into money.

PPC affiliate program:

Daoclick - pay per click affiliate program

Green label ppc - pay per click affiliate program

PromoHeads - pay per click affiliate program

KlikVip - pay per click affiliate program

The green ppc - pay per click affiliate program



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