Sape - a system for buying and selling links from the main and inner pages of sites that includes a number of unique services.


The simplicity and functionality

The balance between usability and functionality.
As a result, the system is such modes webmaster at work in which you are required only initially to place the code and set prices, the rest of the work of fulfilling the system, you will only need to periodically draw funds from the account. There is also a convenient mode of the optimizer, which you will need only a 1 time setup project, and then only to replenish their accounts, all the work on selection of sites and submitting applications, the system takes over.

Reasonable commission

Only 10% of the participation in the system.
The system SAPE burden of paying the commission rests not only on the shoulders of the optimizer, but is divided between webmasters and optimizers evenly. As a result, participation in the system for Optimizer and Webmaster is 10%, respectively, and spent the money earned. The fee is withdrawn from the optimizer is daily at the positive verification link at a rate of 10% of the daily cost of accommodation. The fee is withdrawn from the webmaster is also carried out daily at the time of accrual of funds in the account.

The effectiveness and efficiency

Everybody is happy.
Sape system increases revenue and reduces consumption of webmasters seo. Venues are beginning to sell the place, not only from the main page, but with internal ones. How many pages on the site? Let every revenue. Optimizers buy cheap internal pages and save on moving projects.