LinkFeed - system of buying and selling links from the main and inner pages of sites. Placement of articles.


* The system host site indexed, or by Yandex, or Google
* Automatic or manual placement options
* Flexible filter settings to accept links
* Categories English sites
* Protection from the definition of corruption links
* Returns link in the xml and html via http

To do this, replace the script display links on your site, just the script, not his call on the site. After that links sold on, will appear, as before, with links to our system will be displayed in parallel, and there is no need to change the content of your site.
* Search AutoFilter optimizers
* Placement of articles



* Verification indexed options
* Selection of the relevant pages for keywords
* Non-cash payments
* Check indexed pages in Google and Yandex
* Optimization for any language to UTF-8
* API (documentation)
* Import projects from Sape, Mainlink, Setlinks
* The ability to influence pricing webmasters using AutoFilter
* Distribution of its content