How to make money online
Long time ago, when there were no options, no websites, no internet, people get news from books, newspapers, magazines, and later on television. The information about new books, articles in the newspaper or on TV broadcast transmission from mouth to mouth, which was the basis for the future of hyperlinks on the Internet. People learn from each other about subjects or events that they were interesting, they referred to the views of their friends, colleagues or relatives. With the advent of the Internet world was permeated with a huge network of links on which the Internet has become possible to seek the necessary information, knowledge and acquire new knowledge. Links have become an integral part of the modern Internet, and search engines that collect and present information to users, rank it based on the options (representing the credibility of a site compound and weighing options).
And where is the money?
The Internet has rapidly commercialized and it became obvious that people who are trying to promote your site, getting portions of valuable and authoritative references, willing to pay money for it. Then began the era of paid links that are included in the base marketing systems options. On qualitative reference sites are dozens and sometimes hundreds of dollars. It is fashionable to sell links on the site, monetiziruya sites. It is well for both customers and vendors: one to make money on the links that others spend on their purchase money and get the necessary authoritative reference, raising their sites in search engine ranking.
Spoon of tar
But the search engines began to notice that some webmasters are beginning to neglect and placed a lot of overly paid links on their sites. Then the pages of such sites, or where there is a lot of links or references have become a kind of spreads of newspapers and classified ads, became excluded from the search engines as uninformative, and stuffed with specially for-sale options. Combating this phenomenon is still ongoing, and most likely not have stopped, because the situation got out of control search engines. Nevertheless, a significant number of webmasters falls into the thin line beyond which the site becomes uninteresting search engine and it ceases to consider it links.
Why MainLink?
MainLink - a system that is not a leader in speed and number of top-selling links. Not a member of any farm on automatic promotion. Thus, sites that are in the system, has a more stable position in the rankings of search engines, because are less likely to be excluded from the search for violations related to the frenzy of trying to sell all ad positions on the site under links. Therefore, the system is sold less links, the sites remain safe for webmasters, while revenues remained stable. We strictly monitor the quality of sites and frankly remove sites that no longer is effective for advertisers. By choosing us, the webmaster receives an additional guarantee of the stability of the site to search engines and maintaining a stable revenue.


Why do you link?
Website Promotion is based on two steps: optimization, which includes text, content, internal perelinkovka and other manipulations, which every prodvizhenets can do yourself. Work on external factors, among which were the main banner, there will be links. Link - to some extent, there is a pointer to the fact that your life is valued and useful for other Internet users. But in order to quickly get the links will take significant efforts.
Our service is designed to quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary links for your site. The level of automation allows for placement of a large number of links in just a few mouse clicks. Imagine what the placement of thousands of links to thousands of resources - is a gigantic task to conclude arrangements with each of the webmaster, a link control, and in case of financial relationships with the web designer - it is also monitoring fees. Only a system of linking allows you to quickly (almost instantly) to obtain any number of links to your site, having taken all the routine work and also providing a convenient interface, which you will never forget about each and every ssylochku.
What we can offer
In MainLink process of getting links is easy and entertaining, and the level of accessibility of the interface will allow anyone, even a beginner to learn the process of the advertiser minutes. All that you need - to register, make the company pay and ... get the result. And the ultimate goal of moving - to get targeted visitors on the site, which will make your service consumers or buyers of your products.
We will help identify pages that are most suitable for promotion on a particular site, select the queries that your site visitors will find on the Internet, we define the position and the dynamics of your resource, will control placement of each link (in case of violations by the webmasters will refund money or will help to spend it as efficiently as possible). Plus we have a new user-friendly interface, where progress will be very convenient, but the process can even be a lot of fun. You will need to periodically go to his office and watch the growing position of your site and resource is filled with your potential customers.

Why MainLink?

Over the years the process of acquiring links undergone a lot of changes. But we have come all this way and we know a lot of subtleties and nuances that have invested in the selection algorithms platforms. We - one of stareshih systems in RuNet buying and selling options on the market we live in 2005, each user has for us - this is one to which we are always glad to help. We keep all help desk calls, which allows communication very quickly solve any problem of each user. The average response time to any treatment - 1 hour (including weekends and holidays, as well as night-treatment). To us you can come to visit and we are always happy to share experiences, watch the needs of each client and realize all your wishes. No user has not gone unnoticed in the system, the system is the status, which provide an additional benefit when working with the system and get additional discounts and bonuses. By changing the interface, we have not forgotten about those old interface of the system remained on the soul - we retain full compatibility with the previous interface, so that all applications and additional services will run and maintained. Promote your sites with MainLink and we will be glad and happy that you will achieve your goals with our help!