Miralinks system is the exchange of articles, which provides many opportunities for webmasters and for SEO.

Key differences from the analogue system:

* Items placed permanently, the system guarantees the permanent stationing
* Article is strictly thematic and unique - each article is hand-checked by moderator
* Only accept quality sites will not be accepted sites selling links to stock exchanges and are suspected of being under sanctions

Nice features:

* Integration with the exchange of content Copylancer.ru - you can order a unique feature articles from the interface Miralinks.ru
* Bank of articles for the purchase of finished articles
* More than 80% of sites in the system is placed articles manually, existing sections
* Convenient reporting system
* Calculation in wmz and wmr, no minimum payments
* Referral program
* Use the deployment



Basics platforms

Working with sites begins with a restaurant site in the system. Venues, like articles, after the creation must be checked by a moderator. If you want someone to post an article on your site, you yourself will decide to place it or not. Accommodation is possible both in manual and automatic modes, but the automatic mode is no longer recommended and available for new sites.

Add site

Go to the tab "Webmaster" and click on "Add site". On the next page fill in all required fields. Try to choose the most tematichnye category for your site, so you'll get the most topical applications for placement of articles. You can choose two categories of top-level and in which 2 categories. If you do not want to feature articles from the non-thematic links (eg, for a site about computers to get an article on the notebooks, with reference to the plastic windows), enter in the field "accepts non-thematic links" - "No".

Choose the value of placing articles forever. Prices in the system are specified in the two cover plates - WMZ, and WMR. You can specify the desired value in one of the characters and press the button with the pointer to the second set the price according to the current exchange rate within the system. Please note, prices in WMZ and WMR can vary only within a certain range (it is displayed when filling out one field). This range is determined according to the current exchange rate.

It is also recommended to fill in optional fields, because they contain information useful to the moderators and optimizers. When you do not like the system limit of 3 links in this article, you can specify the maximum number of options for each site, so you will be coming articles with only one or two links of your choice.

The presence of site in directories (UC and DMOZ) and SEO-indicators (CY, PR) are determined automatically during moderation, so you do not want to own.

After the market appears in the list with the status of "waiting for moderation". Moderator evaluate the quality of the proposed site for placement, and if it meets the criteria for quality systems Miralinks, the site will be added to the system.

If the moderator fails to place with causes that you can remove, correct deficiencies and to re-enroll in moderation (by clicking on the link "apply for peremoderatsiyu").

Placement of articles

As soon as someone wants to post an article on your site, you will be notified by email. After this you will need to log in to the "Webmaster". In the list of your sites sites get a new number next to "article". Turning on this link takes you to the list of articles on the site, with the new article will be at the top of the list. After reviewing the text of article you can accept or reject the article. Description of the article you can look in the Help topic "optimizer" - "Description of the article"

In rejecting an article you can send the article for revision. This means that you, in principle, agreed to place this article on your website but there are several shortcomings that prevent this. Describe them and send the article on the finalization of the optimizer. Optimizer, however, may refuse to finalization.

Once you accept an article for distribution, you must try as soon as possible to post an article on the site and indicate its address. If you do not do this within 3 days, the optimizer will be able to withdraw the paper from posting on your site. After the placement and the street address of the optimizer for 5 days would confirm the correctness of location or the system will do it for them automatically. However, the optimizer can also reject the deployment, if it was produced with disabilities. In this case, you will need to remove an article from the site because the transaction never took place.

Please note that with the cost of accommodation was withdrawn commission system component for ordinary users of 12%.
Other actions with landings

List your sites displayed on the tab "Webmaster". Clicking on the name brings you to the page with the properties. At the bottom of this page will be a drop-down menu, which can

Bottom of the page with a description of your site is a list of available actions and the button "Run". You can perform the following steps:

Add article to Bank
Submit a new article that you are willing to place on its site, a bank of articles sites.
Update statistics robot
Refresh rates PR, CY, presence in the DMOZ directory and UC, indexing Yandex (all these parameters are not necessarily update manually, and they both update automatically).
Edit the options available
Data fields, which were introduced when you created. Change the value of placement of articles.
Pause hosted articles
Temporarily suspend the placement of articles on this site. This action will send still posted articles back to the optimizer.

Principles for placing articles in the system

The system accepted only unique quality articles. Each article before it enters the approval to webmaster runs automatically checks the uniqueness and quality of the text as moderators of the system. One article may be placed only on one site. "Reproduction" of articles is prohibited.

Requirements to the articles that you want to place in the system Miralinks.
Employment Articles

Operations are carried out with articles on the tab "Advertise". This page contains lists of promoted projects and hence you can go to review as of all the articles in the draft, and all articles with a certain status.

Create Article

1. Proceed to the tab "Advertise"
2. Clicks on the button "Add article"
3. Carefully fill in all fields
4. Push the button "Save"

Note the filling of text in the editor. The size of the text should not exceed 2000 characters, the text must be formatted with the selected paragraphs, and contain no more than 3 links (this restriction of the system, the requirements of a particular site may vary). If the text is stored in your HTML-format, then add it in the box that appears after clicking on the button, and then click "Update", after which the article is added to the editor. If the editor is added to plain text, put down a link you can highlight a word (or group of words, no more than 5 in a row), and then click on "Insert / edit link" and the pop-up window, fill in the "link address". When you copy text from a rich-text editors (MS Word, for example) should be applied purification function format by clicking on the button, and then format the text already in the embedded editor.
Applying for moderation

To apply for moderation article, click on the link "apply for moderation", located in the list of articles under her name. From that moment on paper falls into the queue for moderation. If the moderator rejected the article, she falls into the group "Rejected moderator. View a list of rejected articles may be of the same name by clicking on the link in the tab "Advertise". If you click on the link "Cause of deviation", a pop-up window with a description of the reasons for refusal. If you wish to re-enroll in moderation - the article must be edited (you can do this by clicking on its name). After editing, it will fall into the group "Drafts", and you can re-apply for moderation.

When the article gets into the queue for moderation, its further editing becomes impossible. Now, by clicking on the name will be displayed are looking at the characteristics of the article. If you want to change something, you want to edit a page after clicking "in the drafts.

Once the moderator approves the article added, it will go into the status of "accepted into the system. At this point you can start selecting a site for it (article) placement. Again, if you want to edit an article, click in the Drafts folder, just remember that after that article again have to go through moderation.
Selecting sites for placement and the placement of article

Suitable site can look in the directory sites, and then need to refill your account in an amount sufficient to place articles on this site. Then you need to click on the link "choose site" under the name of the article. After clicking on the link will display a list of available sites with all the necessary characteristics, which you can choose eye on the site. There is also a second way of accommodation, return first. You must select a suitable site, click on its name and the bottom of the page click "Post article". You will be given a list of articles published.

After selecting their favorite sites, your account is temporarily "frozen" necessary to accommodate the amount (formed "Hold"). Then have to wait until the owner of the site agree to place your article.

If the owner agrees to be held several states. Initially, the system waits for confirmation of placement of articles on the site from the owner of the site. Then you should confirm that the article posted correctly. If you confirm the correct location, then from your account are removed before frozen funds and the article is "paid". If you are dissatisfied with the deployment of article, the owner of the site shall promptly remove the article from its website - the site and confirm the deletion. Then you can start again to choose the site for posting articles. Note that the system has a small number of sites with automatic placement. When placing articles on these sites, you can not reject the placement of articles, it will be confirmed automatically (the script automatic placement guarantee the accuracy of placement).

To view a list of your articles, just go to the tab "Advertise" and select the desired project

After the game interesting for you to project the right side of the screen will table the draft status of the paper. After clicking on the desired status, you will proceed to the list of articles with this status, which belongs to the one chosen by the project.

To view additional information about the article click on the icon with the magnifying glass next to the title of the article - a string to this article will be an additional socket. If the article is posted, the panel will have the following form:

On the left are the buttons:

* - Move the article in another project;
* - Opens in a new window page with the placement of articles;
* - Check the existence of articles on the site;
* - Write a personal message to the owner of the site.

If the article is not available on the site, then the panels show only icons "Move to the project" and "Move to the bank and articles

After the icons are arranged description of article (if available), a project to which it belongs, playground where it was placed (UC - availability of sites in the directory, Technorati), last modification time status.
Description of article

During its existence the paper will move from the state "Draft" to the state "paid". List of all statuses, which can be your article:

The article may be freely edited and be removed if desired. Can be sent to moderation.
Waiting for moderation
This article has been filed in moderation, is tested for uniqueness and proofreading by the moderator. You can return to drafts.
Rejected moderator
Moderator counted story not ready to add into the system or the article was not unique. Article can be sent to drafts and edit or delete it.
Adopted system
Article awaits your decision on the grounds on which will be posted. In addition to site selection story can be returned to drafts or delete.
Waiting for the owner of the site inspection
You have submitted an article for placement on the site, the webmaster takes action on it. When a webmaster takes no action within 3 days, you will be able to withdraw an article and she will return to "adopted in the system.
Adopted by the owner of the site
Article accepted by the site owner, he expressed a desire to place it in the near future. Similarly, the status of "waiting for checking the site owner, you can withdraw the paper after 3 days.
Rejected owner of the site
Webmaster considered the article inappropriate for its site. You can read his message out, and perform all actions in accordance with the status of "accepted into the system.
Article posted and located on the site, now you have to check the correctness of its placement and approve or reject the placement. If you do not take action within 5 days, placing articles will be confirmed automatically.
Stay denied
You have rejected the deployment of the article. Now the webmaster has removed the article from its site, and you can follow all the article is similar to the status of "accepted into the system.
You have successfully placed an article on the site. Funds finally written off, change the status of the paper is impossible.

Project Management

The project - a named your team articles. There is no evidence to which the project belongs to the article available only to you. Group project work makes articles more logical and convenient.

In addition to the usual project, created by you as a group for the articles, there are projects under the "carefree". They are created simultaneously with the creation of "carelessness" of the order and contain all the articles written and placed in this order.

When you click on the name of the project in the project list will refresh the window with a list of status of the paper and you can go to a list of articles in the draft, having a certain status. To view the contents of the draft vtego click on the icon to the left of the name of the project or just click on "All articles" in the list of statuses.

To get to the page of project management, go to a list of articles in the project and click on "Project Management". On this page you can rename the project, turn on the "Campaign" (more on that later), send a project to archive and delete it. You can only delete projects that do not contain articles. In order to remove the draft articles, you have to move articles into other projects or simply to remove from this.
Order Articles

System Miralinks cooperates with the exchange of content Copylancer.ru, thus using their resources in the system Miralinks, you can pay the copywriters and post they have written articles on the sites of the system.

In general, the order of article looks like this:

1. You create an order, which describes the requirements for a future article. After you create an order put out to tender, and waits for him will not accept any copywriter (and you can select the desired artist from the list of copywriters to create an order)
2. After the order found a copywriter, he transferred to the work.
3. When a copywriter to finish writing an article, it is checked for plagiarism in a system Copylancer.ru (if you select this option when creating an order) and then falls to the proofreader.
4. After the correction, you can to see it. If something does not suit you, please describe their observations and send the article to completion. Cycle "test - sending back for revision" can continue infinitely. If you send back for revision, you can order additional checks corrector, although it requires additional withdrawals from your account. Typically, an additional correction is required.
5. Ultimately, you must either accept the article, or in case of refusal - to send it to arbitration system Copylancer.ru, where it will decide who is right - the customer or a copywriter.

Order Management is on the page "Order of articles, you can get there by clicking on the" Order writing "on the page" Advertise ".

Create Order

To create a new order, press "Create Order". After that, you are required to enter the name of the order, the subject (must correspond to the topics the site for which you are preparing an article), the desired number of characters and the description of the order.





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