Which sites are accepted into the system?

We accept all sites indexed by PS Yandex and preferably Google. The site should have a finished look (filled with information on the site).

My site is involved in exchanges of links / articles that take?

Yes, I agree. But participation in the options exchanges will be applied step-down ratio, as This may result in sanctions by the search engines and the site would be useless to advertisers.

Which sites do you accept?

We do not accept sites that are not indexed by major search engines that violate the laws of Russia and morality. Do not accept "everything about everything", ie where you could not identify the main themes (focus) site. Also, do not accept websites that spread viruses, which are the financial pyramids, and sites using their promotion to the "black" methods (eg spam).

For how long is hosted article?

Article posted for the duration of the site.

How much can I earn money with HiText?

Your income is directly dependent on the quality of your site, from its parameters. What an interesting site for ordinary people, the greater its value the search engines, the higher the price for each article posted. For the site that Yandex CY 150, Google PR 3 and the attendance of 100 people a day, you can receive 3 to 9000 rubles a month. Of course, all the sites individually, and in the formation of prices is taken into account more parameters.

What happens if I delete an article that placed an advertiser on my site?

Charges in the system daily, and if you delete the article, or for whatever reasons, our robot will not find it, then charges for that day will not be. If within 7 days of the robot can not find the article, the application is canceled and not paid for the story to be returned advertiser. With a systematic removal of articles paid account completely blocked

In automatic mode, the site will be completely safe?

Yes, all the data required for the work would be safe, even members HiText not have access to them.

How long does the moderation in the system?

Moderation usually lasts no more than 3 working days.

What code is sent to the e-mail?

This code is needed in order to identify you as the owner of the site (confirmation of rights to the site)

Do I need to place on the site any code / script?

HiText system is designed so that the site does not need to install any script / code.

How does your robot has published articles on my site? Because I did not set any codes!

To publish your site was possible, you must tell the system under which users can authenticate your site, as well as the address of the page to add an article. Our robot (actually - this is a hardware-software complex, has its own brain), is authorized on your site and enter article on your page to add an article. At the same time it pushes all the right buttons, fill in the field, selects the topics, etc. In general, doing everything as you normally do, adding content to your site. This allowed to refuse such relief as the installation of code on your site, because not everyone can program, and hire a specialist or seek a solution on the forums, this is a tedious task.

Can I change the price for accommodation?

Price is set automatically by the system, if your site has the initial parameters, you can only make an allowance to those already proposed price, but if your site has the highest settings, you can change the price at their discretion.

How many links will be in the article?

For every 1000 characters of text system allows only one link to the advertiser's site.

Will the graphics in the articles?

Yes, advertisers can place graphics along with text

How do you calculate the money for the content of the article?

Within 200 days from the date of publication you can get all the money paid by the advertiser for placement of articles. Charges for published article, you will see the next day.

Will posted articles unique to search engines?

Yes, the system tracks that advertisers are not abused by non-unique content.

Can impose sanctions in the system?

No, no sanctions from the search engines do not follow, because the system does not have any codes / scripts and, hence, work with it will not be able to find any one algorithm. The system emulates the human action.

I do not want / can not give you access to your robot to the site, but I want to place articles for money, what to do?

Hitext system is flexible enough, and when you create and take into account this point: You can post articles manually - when you receive a request to copy the text of the article (links and pictures) from the interface of the system and manually placed on your site. After this, please address posted article.

Do you have a semi-automatic mode, what is it?

In semiautomatic mode, our robot will send the article on your site, but does not check whether it is available. When you have time - check it, and if you publish an article, then let the system address of the article. This version of the publication is required for sites that do not have the opportunity to immediately publish the article, and for webmasters who want to first read the material hosted.

What does the comparison subjects?

To ensure that advertisers can more accurately select the desired subject categories of your site.

Any questions about the system, someone you can ask?

You can always ask your question to our advisor, can do this by logging in using your login and password or write your question on our forum

Which CMS system works?

We try to do everything possible to every webmaster can work with the system regardless of the use of content management system (CMS)




Why would I publish articles on other people's sites?

To create a website become popular at converting visitors, you need to "spin" it, ie tell the world about the site. To do this, a lot of ways, but the most effective placement of articles on other sites with a link to your. In this case, unlike hitext that the articles will be posted on the usual websites, mostly content - ie not created nor any directories where nobody ever comes and reads it. Virtually all visitors to the sites where you post your article, the article read, and thus pass on the links from this article. In addition, through this method of placement, the article quickly see the spiders, and the more of such articles, the higher the position your website will take to fit your needs, and the more visitors will come to your site already, and with search engines.

How do I advertise my site?

1. Create an advertising campaign, let's call it, for example, - "http://znaha.ru")
2. In the setting of an advertising campaign promoted by adding page of the site, for example - "http://znaha.ru/pages-cat-8.html"
3. Add the article. (Right, when you add the article states its themes)
4. Select areas on which we want to publish. Venues will be chosen topics article that we have identified in its appendix. And also some related topics.
5. Select your sites and pay for accommodation.

As soon as the article will be published?

Date of publication depend upon the mode of running the site Webmaster. For sites in the automatic mode, the publication takes a maximum of 1 day. If, within 7 days of a webmaster does not accept the article, the order was withdrawn, and the money returned to the expense of the advertiser.

Where can I see which articles are published and what is not?

Partial statistics published / not published can be found on the main page of the advertiser, which is called "Campaigns", detailed statistics available on the tab "Published articles"

Can the webmaster, after adding, to remove an article?

The system monitors the presence of articles on the site webmaster, if for any reason, the webmaster removes the page or within a certain time it will be available, then charge to the account of the webmaster will be suspended until the reasons.

Can the webmaster to change the article on your website?

No, otherwise they simply will not be charged money. We are constantly monitoring that articles were in the form in which you publish them. But because it concerns the text of articles or links, html-format can be anything not prohibited by search engines (eg white text on a white background). These conditions are caused by the fact that each site has its own template, and your articles are placed not in any catalog, available on the link in the footer, but the main content of the site. Where to read the real visitors and bots are not banyat ..

Why make withdrawals from the balance of one-off, and the gradual accrual?

Webmasters like you, want guarantees, namely the guarantee of payment after the placement of articles. The system regulates the relations between its members and protects the interests of each of the parties.

I moved the site for particular queries, you have a monitoring tool?

Yes, we monitor you need search requests, free of charge. After the selection of sites will be invited to put on the monitor keywords used in the article.


Is there HIText affiliate program?

Developers Systems Hitext created a unique, unparalleled, affiliate program

I am a webmaster and want to earn attracting others how to do this?

For webmasters are 2 options for earning affiliate program: First - is set on its website a special referral link. In this reference, anyone who registers will be your referral, which means you'll earn from it 25% of the profit system. The second option - is to install on your site link type http://add.hitext.ru/domain.ru, where domain.ru - this is your site. Turning on this link, the advertiser gets an opportunity to immediately publish the article on your site and also becomes your referral! It turns a triple benefit - and the story and get the money for it, and referral.

As it is impossible to attract partners?

Forbidden to engage partners through mass mailings, ATS systems, and other species, where the user unwittingly comes into the system. Such accounts will be blocked without any possibility to withdraw money.


How can I check the article, not purchased through hitext.ru and is it possible?

Yes, service hilog.ru allows free access to monitor your articles posted through other projects or webmasters

Why do I need to check daily availability hosted on other sites articles?

To track the effectiveness of placing articles, except the parameters of Article puzomerok, you need to check and find the actual article on the site, otherwise - from the search engines will know about the article, if it is not on the site? Also service useful to optimizers, who negotiates directly with webmasters to publish articles.

How often checked article?

Articles added via hilog.ru checked 1 time a day

What happens if your robot does not find the article on my site mentioned?

In mail and / or ICQ you will notice that the article is not available. Then you can report it to webmaster or the service, through which the article was posted

What do I need to inform the hilog.ru, that the article would start testing?

To service could begin to monitor the article you need to specify the address of the published article, article title and text of the article with all the links (if any) in HTML-format.





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