Accommodation options


It is no secret that Runet is under constant development. Changes to the algorithms of search engines - this is absolutely standard event for advertisers.

Lately, all the innovations Yandex in the mass directed solely at combating corrupt links. To be precise - with those links, which are sold through specialized exchanges. By all indications, the classic reference exchange lost its leading position by the end of 2010. That is why, CLX offers webmasters and optimizers several new features:

• Possibility of direct sales links with payment through CLX

In this case, you acquire or sell links directly through the tags, but paying for them with our service. As a result, a webmaster is not risking his site, and the optimizer gets natural links. And no one should keep a record of payments, all financial transactions are made through our service, the standard automatic mode.

• A fixed monthly fee for sites in the system

Commission go to the past, now instead of her, every user CLX regardless of the profile of paying only the monthly fee for sites that are active. That is, for those resources, which sell links, or they are moving in search engines.

• Purchase of perpetual options

Eternal links - the perfect tool for promotion of their own and long-term client projects. And if you get them through a system of tags, they will look in the eyes of search engines is absolutely natural that it is especially important when a white moving site.

Media advertising


For Advertisers:

Banner advertising - one of the most effective ways to attract to your site targeted traffic. All you need to do - place your banner on the thematic areas and start receiving targeted visitors.

The main advantage of banner advertising is that, along with visitors, you get fame and brand your company as a whole. After all, even those who do not go to your resource, well see your advertising banner. That is in addition to the drive to the site of potential customers, the banner functions as image advertising.

Functional CLX pozvolet configure target your advertising so that you only get interesting visitors. In addition, you can always change the settings of the campaign on the number of visitors you needed and cost of each click. As a result, you can choose the options best for you and get the right amount of visitors.

For Webmasters:

Cooperation with the portal CLX in banner ads, gives you the opportunity to work with many advertisers and receive a steady income from your own site. Typically, each of your resource appear thematic banners, interesting to visitors. As a result, you put additional useful information for people visiting your site and at the same time, earn money.

The cost of advertising on any website listed on the CLX is set in the auction. The result - you get the maximum profit from each advertiser that is placed on your site.

Domain Registration

Each user of the portal CLX can register domain names he needed. And, you can pay them both at the expense of money already in your account, for example, profits from your sites, and making a payment specifically for the domain registration. We register domain names for all the popular areas today. And I must say that prices will pleasantly surprise you. Thus, the domain in the zone. Ru will cost only 85 rubles a year, which agree inexpensive.

Among some of our advantages include operating a support, which is able to solve almost any problem and responds to questions just like lightning. Recently started its career as webmasters will enjoy simple and clear scheme of domain registration.

Domain name registration for CLX - a solution that will allow you to be confident in the safety and reliability of the domain names of their sites.