One of the main factors influencing the site positions in search engines is the quality and quantity of inbound links to your site.

A large number of external links (from tens to thousands) needed to obtain the effect. Accordingly, the necessary tool to automate their deployment.

One of the most effective tools for building a reference site are the mass exchange links.

So, in greater detail and consider the work of the Exchange, although at the moment it is difficult to name just a stock exchange, it combines the functions of freelancing and exchange links.

System Features:

- Automatic regular check availability of all the paid links to partner sites

- Automatic regular review of changes in PR Google and CY Yandex website for each partner

- Automatic regular check-indexing of your site in Yandex and Google

- Manual moderation of each site and the most accurate designation subjects
- Manual verification of all references to our moderator for advertisers to their deployment and their correction if necessary.
- Unique opportunity to place the text before and after the link

- The ability to upload links in a text file in CSV or XML-file
- Choice of the number of pages on which links will be posted within the next month
- Choice of theme sites that will be posted links

- Choice of TIC sites which will be posted links
- Possibility of ordering options only on pages with certain PR
- The possibility of any combination of all types of targeting


- Store the finished content

- Bar customers and service providers include:

• Preparation of semantic
• Copying texts
• Preparation anchor
• Writing case texts (news articles)

• Filling the forums messages
• Translation

• Establishment of satellite sites
• Express Usability Test

• SEO site analysis
• Placement of articles, reviews, blogs
• Registration in catalogs
• Add to social bookmarks

As you can imagine Xap - this is not a typical exchange links. In order to post a link, you will not need to select and add each page. You simply specify the quantity and quality of links and upload to the system anchors. Links are automatically created on the desired number of pages with the necessary parameters (PR, TIC, themes). Ie all are automated for the convenience of advertisers and webmasters.


Involving partner webmasters in the system, you get 13.3% of all assessed him "ksapov" that is actually get one-tenth of all advertising space to the site. In addition, you will receive 10% of the purchased from the system "ksapov" attracted by you the advertiser. Commission for partners involved charged by the commission system.

At the moment registration on the Exchange by invitation only. Following the link you will automatically receive an invitation from me and can count on assistance conditional when working with the system.