Exchange of articles - a system for buying and selling of articles and links to sites. Exchange options are used to promote sites optimizers on the one hand, as well as earning the owners of sites - on the other.

The cost of a link depends on the settings page, which are sold here and can vary from one cent to several hundred dollars a month. These parameters are:

* Nesting level page (home, 2 nd, 3rd, etc.)
* Topical index citation Site (CY)
* Google PageRank page placement
* The number of outbound links from a page
* Quality of the page and site in general
* Subject Site
* Age of domain
* The presence of filters superimposed on the search engines
* Quality of site for posting links (higher to the top, surrounded by other links, etc.)
* Availability of site in directories DMOZ, YACA
* Level domain
* Zone domain

The price of a link determines the webmaster with the above parameters. Optimizers buying links from sites on the most suitable for them cost.

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